“Film About Westgate Attack May Be Shot in Kenya” – CS Hassan Wario

March 4, 2016

WarioThe Ministry of Arts and Culture has moved to settle concerns about the filming of two high-budget movies in South Africa over Kenya.
Cabinet Secretary Hassan Wario rubbished reports that two films- Africa, a movie based on the life of Richard Leakey, starring Brad Pitt and produced and directed by Angelina Jolie, and another one based on the terror attack on Westgate Mall, will be shot down South.
He said his ministry has been engaging with the producers of the two films in an effort to convince them that Kenya is the best place to do the shoots.
“The talk about the two films being shot in South Africa remains just that, a talk. For Africa, Leakey gave out his stand that it will be filmed in Kenya.
On the Westgate film, the producers have not formally engaged us, but since the story came out, we started talking to them and they are very keen to film it here,” says Wario.
He added that his ministry and the Kenya Film Commission — through Blue Sky Films Africa, has offered incentives that were not there before.
“However unfortunate, it’s where the story happened and we want this story about Kenya shot here. We have gone out of the way and offered them incentives that we never had before.”
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