CAUGHT IN THE ACT! 2 Smartly Dressed Guys Caught on Camera Stealing Laptops in Town – PHOTOS + VIDEO

March 4, 2016

Despite the fact that CCTV cameras have been installed in almost all shops in the city, there are those dumb thieves who ignorantly break into premises without wearing masks, steal valuables and walk away as if nothing is recording them. On that note, two smartly dressed guys were this week caught on camera breaking into a shop in town, making away with laptops and other valuable electronic devices.
Unfortunately for the duo, security cameras were ‘all eyes’ documenting every action and move they made inside Broder Computers premises. The owner of the business has released some photos of the two guys and is asking for anyone who might have a clue of who they are to drop him a hint and get a handsome reward in return.
Here are some of their photos that security cameras got when the two were on with their trade.
cctv 6
cctv 5
cctv 4
cctv 3
cctv 2
cctv 1

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