Everything You Need To Know About Citizen TV’s Anne Kiguta Including her Pregnancy

March 21, 2016

kigutaCitizen TV’s Anne Kiguta last week gave a candid interview to Citizen Digital wherein she talked about her personal life.
The sultry news anchor opened up about details of her childhood, career, family, relationship and the speculation about her being pregnant.
Here is her story:

  1. Born ‘Tao’

“I am the last born in a family of four siblings (all girls). I was born and raised in Nairobi. I spent the early part of my life in Buru Buru and then Kilimani,” she started the narration.
“I attended St. Christopher’s Primary School and later Rusinga School for my secondary education. After completing high school, I enrolled at Daystar University for a Bachelor’s degree in communication.”
Being the last born, did she receive any preferential treatment?
“I wasn’t pampered at all; my eldest sister wouldn’t let it happen. It was fun to have elder siblings to teach me how to do things. The sister just before me is called Sophie. I would raid her closet for everything! And that was the best part of being the baby sister; her clothes were a little bit baggy, but I rocked them.”

  1. Had leadership tendencies since childhood

Anne Kiguta is a natural leader. The media personality says it is an inherent trait.
“Anytime we would play kalongo, I played the role of a mother. I think I have always been maternal in a strange way. I don’t know why; maybe until I joined university that’s when things changed, and there were louder personalities. Most of my life, even though I was the last born, I have never really been the baby; I have always had my degree of tiny leadership in a way; I have been the one who is trying to protect people and growing up, I was pretty aggressive.”
“My aggressive personality landed me in trouble with my elder siblings quite often. However, I learnt a lot from all of them. The eldest would inspire me to pursue my education aggressively, the second born was always very keen on details and I borrowed a lot of that from her. The third born is very charismatic and knows how to relate with people. I always admired that about her. ”

  1. Somehow a tomboy

“I don’t think I have always been dainty like other girls. I have always had a little bit of edge about me. And to this day I love my ripped jeans, boots… that is why people call me ‘Kigoots in boots’.
“Obviously, my job forces me to take on a different style; and the older I grow the more I appreciate my feminine looks. But for me, comfort tramps style any day. I may look girly, but believe you me that look is super comfortable otherwise I would not wear it. I would wear my T-shirt and pair of jeans.”

  1. Daddy’s girl

A father is a huge deal to a girl growing up. I remember how much my dad was my icon growing up. To this day I think I get my work ethic from him – what it takes to work in this industry, which is long hours and frankly one has to stomach a lot of things. I saw my father work so hard for us. He was an accountant. I never got the math gene from him, but I did get the value and respect for work and detail.”

  1. God-fearing

“I do fear God. I have great reverence for Him. I don’t know how people live without having faith in God. I respect that you don’t have to, but I don’t understand it.”
“God has been so visible in my life. There’s nothing that I am or that I could be without God, and I have been through so many things in my life that, actually, only God could have pulled me out of. I know I am daddy’s girl, my father loves me.”
But, what happens when she misses a church sermon?
“I don’t feel anything (laughs). That’s the other thing about me I am not religious. I believe in Jesus and there’s a huge difference. When I need to meet with people, Bible Study has been the bigger thing. Ten or so people… that works for me.”
“I was raised in big churches and congregations and I just feel a bit lost in it. The more I wanted God for myself, the more the small gathering worked for me. I don’t know how to be part of a 5,000 strong congregation. But more power to you if you feel at home there.”

  1. Subscribes to different music genres

Anne could have been a musician in her other life. She stems from a very musical family and her eldest sister still enjoys singing.
Anne says: “I love all sorts of music – reggae, ragga, R & B, rock, classical. I love music. I don’t have a particular top artiste in mind. My taste in music is as diverse as my taste in everything else in life. I am not one those straitjacketed people.”
“I think the only musicians who have gotten me to a mainstream kind of appreciation of anything would be Sauti Sol.”

  1. Ms Kiguta’s daughter inspires her

“My baby Wairimu moves me. She is my whole life. I have always known my kids would be my life. I am so invested in having my kids become better than I am, have better opportunities, have a better shot, come out a better person than I am. That changes how I look at things. Then it makes me want to be better in everything that I am doing. At work I am passionate about politics and governance because I have a stake in it– my children will inherit this country. I feel that God is interested in our politics; that He cares that we are governed properly; that these are God’s people and that leaders do not have the right to just rule them however they want. They will be held accountable sooner or later. Family, faith and love move me.”

  1. Anne links love to a double-edged sword

“The funny thing about love is that it is like a double-edged sword. It is all sorts of wonderful but it is also raw and can be really painful..It shows you who you really are and stretches you like nothing else can. Love is war; it is brutal. Its amazing!”
“I am almost certain that everyone at one point in life must have experienced the brutal side of love. I too have, and a lot has been written about it. I have had my heart broken a thousand times; maybe I have broken a few hearts myself. At one point I broke off my engagement, though it is not something I want to delve into. But you can’t let a bad experience stop you from loving. Love is a way of life.”

  1. Did not foresee herself being a top television anchor

“I never foresaw anything that has happened in my life. If I had, maybe things would have gone differently! (laughs) I have always known that I wouldn’t live an ordinary life; but I did not know specifically what that meant. I did not know what it meant in my career, that in my family I would be the one doing this sort of thing or having this kind of audience. Its always so humbling. At each turn in my life I’m always like: ‘Wow God! I did not see that coming! Okay, here goes!!”
Then what was she aspiring to be?
“My dream career was law; there was a time when I had fire in my belly and would love debate, but now I just like to listen to people, and hear how they think… that’s why I’m completely in love with my show Opinion Court. I just love hearing different opinions. There is so much to learn by listening to another point of view and challenging your own views.

  1. Motherhood has taught her patience, the meaning of love

“Motherhood has taught me how to love. That love also means sacrifice. It has taught me what ‘happy’ really is, and what it feels like. My daughter Wairimu is my sun, moon and stars.”

  1. Her favourite meal is chapati

“I don’t have a favorite meal per se, but I love chapati. I make pretty good chapatis. I started adding butternut and nutmeg to the mix and only using olive oil (It’s my aunt’s recipe)…till I read some funny post about how when ‘bae’ makes chapati’s now guys don’t know if they are eating mukimo, or malenge or what (laughs). So now I make sure I have two batches- the regular chapati and the butternut & nutmeg ones. Generally I am a good cook, but I usually don’t have time to cook as often as I like because of my job and the hours. So I try to make sure dinner is ready by 5pm and I can go back to work. I also don’t like the prep process- it kills my appetite so I usually have my helper do the prep part and then I can do the cooking.”

  1. She is dating

“Kiguta is taken (she giggles).”

  1. Is there a bun in the oven?

“I’m sure it’s almost every woman’s dream. I’m so happy and content.”

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