‘Can I Slide Into Your DM’! Kenyan ‘Couple’ Share How they Hooked Up On Twitter – Thread Tweets

March 18, 2016

The technological wave that social media has come with has really helped millions of people across the world to easily network and connect without necessarily having to travel and hold meetings. I bet you have even heard of cases where couples first meet online, become friends then eventually go ahead to become serious lovers.
Well, while checking my twitter timeline a few day ago, I came across a twitter-chat thread that was archived by a couple who had first met on twitter. It started with ‘can I slide into your dm?’ and ended up with the two being an item.
If you think am pulling your leg, here’s how the love between the two brewed on social media.
twitter love 3
twitter love 1
twitter love 2
Here they are after shifting their love from online to offline.
twitter love 4

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