10 Things You Didn’t Know About Popular Milele FM Presenter Nzula Makosi

March 29, 2016

MileleShe is one of the most popular radio presenters in the country. Nzula Makosi hosts the Milele FM Drive Show alongside comedian Cleopas Awinja.
She is popular for her charm and golden voice and the ease with which she runs her shows.
Despite being a popular voice, few people have seen or interacted with this beauty behind the scenes. Over the weekend, she opened up about her career and her personal life in an interview with Tuko. 
1. Place of birth
Nzula was born and raised in Kwale town in Kwale county. She grew up and studied in the area before moving out to further her studies.
2. Education
She went to Tumaini Academy in Kwale town for her primary education. She then joined Waa Girls High School in Kwale. Here, she was made head girl in form one but transferred to Voi Secondary where she completed her secondary education.
She then joined Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (Karen campus) in 2006 where she studied mass communication.
3. Radio career
Nzula attributes her first steps in the radio career to wife to Chirau Ali Mwakwere, Kenyan ambassador to Tanzania. She says that Mrs Mwakwere met her while she was looking for internship in 2007 while on a holiday.
She took her in to Radio Kaya in Kwale where she started as a reporter before being given a show thanks to her skill. Nzula grew at radio Kaya and was forced to do distance learning as she worked. She could later join Milele FM having seen her star born at Radio Kaya.
4. Training
The amiable presenter is not only trained by JKUAT as a journalist but also international media company Deutsche Welle (Germany). Apart from radio, she is very good at doing features and can make a good TV presenter. She says her passion lies in doing live changing features.
5. Worst moment on radio
Nzula says her worst moment on radio was in 2012 when she had just joined Milele FM. She says that she was so nervous that she said something nasty while she was on air. The buttons on the audio console were up and she had forgotten to turn them down.
6. Relationship status
Nzula is married and has two children; a four and half years old boy and a two and half years old girl.  She was married in 2011 at the age of 22. She says she has never regretted getting married at such a young age because her family is the best she can ask for.
7. How she met her man
She reveals that she met him through a mutual friend. She potential in him and loved him. This was in 2009. They dated for two years before deciding to become husband and wife.
8. Managing family and her demanding job
She says that this is possible when one has an understanding partner. She says her husband is very understanding and this has always made it easy to manage her family and her job as a radio personality. She reveals that she tries as much as possible to have time for her kids and her husband, and this has helped them get knitted together for the last couple of years.
9. How she handles admirers and team ‘mafisi’
Nzula is a beautiful woman. She admits that despite making it public that she is someone’s wife, team mafisi always hit on her. But she says she always never minded them because being a public figure that is bound to happen. She says her husband understands what she does and has never raised an issue about it. She simply reminds the admirers that she is already taken, for good.
She says she understands some ladies also hit on her husband. She says that all it takes in a relationship is serious trust and being faithful to one another.
10. Dinner dates
Nzula loves going out for dinner dates with her hubby.
“We go to dinner dates. We ensure that the kids are sleeping, we have someone in the house. If there is a party somewhere and we are invited, we go,” she says.

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