Top Producer Suspects Gospel Acts For Stealing his Groove and Mwafaka Awards Trophies

February 12, 2016

JACKY-BAward winning music producer Jacob Otieno, better known as Jacky B, suspects that one of the many gospel artistes he has worked with, may have stolen his trophies.
The legendary producer revealed to Citizen Digital that both his Groove and Mwafaka Awards trophies mysteriously disappeared from the studio six months ago.
“My two awards (Mwafaka and Groove) were stolen about six months ago. I don’t know who took them. I just realised they were not where I had kept them in the house,” he said.
“One of my music studios is in the house. The awards were on a table stand in my living room. Sometimes when we are done recording, the singers pass through the corridor. I think one of them took them,” added the producer.
What makes the theft more alarming and puzzling is the fact that Jacky B only works with gospel artists.
“I only record with gospel artistes. No other person stays with me, so it baffles me why they had to do it: are they going to boast to their friends that they won the awards? Mark you, they are not producers; so I wonder are they going to peel the title and put theirs? You know guys are very hungry for the awards!” said Jacky B.
Six months down the line and the producer still has no idea how to follow it up.
“Until today, I don’t know who took the trophies. I don’t know how to follow up because I can’t question all artistes recording with me – the ones who did not commit the act will feel like I am incriminating them. I just ignored and moved on.”
Additional Reporting by Citizen Digital

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