Tanzania’s AY Defends Yemi Alade Over Swahili Hit

February 10, 2016

AYHitmaker AY has jumped to the defence of Yemi Alade’s move to do a song in Swahili.
The Nigerian songstress released the Swahili version of her hit ‘Na Gode’, a move that was criticised by local industry players as intrusive.
However, AY, who is riding high with the smashing remix of ‘Zigo’ featuring Diamond Platnumz says there is absolutely nothing wrong with the ‘Johnny’ hitmaker pulling a number in an authentic East African language.
“Music is an universal tool used to pass on a message, and has never been about the language one uses. I really appreciate what Yemi has done. She has shown us that there is nothing difficult in life as long as you have the will and commitment. She has really done a great job,” he was quoted by Word Is.
AY concluded by issuing a wake up call to East African artists.
“It’s time for us (East African artistes) to wake up and smell the coffee. Let’s pull up our socks. We should start supporting each other more, organising more media and performance tours and investing heavily in our products. We don’t have to learn Ibo or Yoruba dialects for us to succeed or be accepted in the west African music industry. The most basic thing is just to do good music.”

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