SHAME! The Mud Houses Eldoret G.K Prison Wardens Call Home

February 29, 2016

Since time immemorial, police in Kenya have not had so much to smile about when it comes to the kind of housing that the government of the day provides them with. For instance, prison policemen in Eldoret are reported to be living in unfinished mud-houses that are being built by inmates.
It is shameful for the government that keeps on promising us about police reforms, to treat cops expected to enforce and ensure that law and order is followed, in such a negligent way.
To be frank, the state of these houses is just a sorry scene that is below the modern day living standards. Built with sticks and plastered with mud, below are pictures of the kind of poor houses our dear police are expected to live in and still offer the best of their service to wanananchi. 

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