NO MORE BEEF! Octopizzo and Nameless Kiss and Make-Up Live on Radio – AUDIO

February 3, 2016

Kiss 100
The beef between rapper Octopizzo, songstress Wahu and his husband Nameless that most of us had been eagerly waiting for to go on, is now no more. Yeah! Nameless and Octopizzo met at Kiss 100 studios, had an interview during the Drive Show with with Jeff Mote, Lynda Nyangweso and Chipukeezy and amicably squashed and buried the hatchet.
The two had been locked in an exchange of words after Octopizzo declined a ‘comeback’ award given to him by Bingwa Awards and went on to drag Wahu’s name in a lengthy post he had mad on his Instagram.
Below is the audio of the two stars kissing and making up.

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