MUST WATCH: 9 Year Old Boy Chains Himself on the Roof to Fight Impunity in Kenya(VIDEO)

February 4, 2016

chainsThe growing frustration that most Kenyans feel with regards to impunity and oppression from the thieving political class has inspired the making of a powerful song seeking change.
Dubbed ‘Tumechoka’ (We Are Tired), the song has been sung by Juliani, Sarabi, Mufasa, Tear Drops, and Maji Maji.
According to Arts and ARTivism hub, Pawa254, the song is about Kenya today.
It has been described as follows;
“Tumechoka. Enough is enough. We are tired of the status quo; tired of the thieving political class. We elect them, we empower them and we have the power to bring about change but are we tired enough to do what is necessary to stop oppression and impunity? A young boy’s defiance galvanizes his community into action, reminding them that the people are the power. #‎ChainsForChange”
The video is a must watch for every concerned citizen. Check it out


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