LEAKED: Sleepy David Defaults Payment, Photographer Releases ‘Steamy’ PHOTOS

February 19, 2016

Comedian Sleepy David is finding himself on the spot over allegations that he has refused to pay a photographer after a photo-shoot in a city hotel with an unidentified lady.
In a ‘leaked’ Whatsapp conversation, the unnamed photographer threatens ‘unspecified action’, most likely releasing suggestive photos of Sleepy if he does not get his payment soon.
Sleepy tells the photographer not to send the suggestive photos to the lady involved, but the photographer warns him that releasing to her should be the last of his worries.
Here’s the Whatsapp thread.
Sleepy 2
And some of the ‘advance’ photos released by the photographer.
sleepy 3
Sleepy 4
sleepy 5

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