“Jaribu Kuingilia REGGAE Tena Even from my Sickbed my Friend Utatii” – Njambi Koikai to Blogger Nyakundi

February 19, 2016

njokiControversial blogger Cyprian Nyakundi has once again ruffled some feathers with a scathing attack on Kenyan Deejays.
In his article titled, Kenya, The Land of Bullshit Deejays, Why Only GMoney&Stylez Make The Cut, Nyakundi asserts that Kenyan deejays are ‘impostors whose mixtapes are mediocre and inconsistent.’
“This is supposed to be a fun, entertaining career that any DJ would execute flawlessly. But what do we have in Kenya? A bunch of impostors who want to leverage their publicity to sleep with any willing girl. The mixtapes DJ’s produce are mediocre, inconsistent and sometimes riddled with technical errors.” Reads an excerpt from the article.
He goes on to single out G-Money and DJ Stylez as the only decent disc jockeys in the country.
“Perfectionists are always recognised and appreciated. Reason why we have named two of Kenya’s best DJ’s. Not that we know them, or have ever interacted at any level, but we recognise the effort they put in their trade like the rest of us in our respective careers. They don’t bask in lost glory, like DJ Pinye and his ilk, who had the chance to dominate the industry, but instead opted to be mediocre, just like Kenyan journalists.”
The article did not go down well with a lot people, including Kenya’s reggae queen aka Fyah Mumma Njambi Koikai. The reggae queen who is currently bedridden after undergoing a surgery after her lungs collapsed, gathered enough strength to jump to the defence of the reggae fraternity.
In her post on Facebook, Njambi dismissed Nyakundi’s article as pathetic and shallow.
This was her post
“I have just come across this. Firstly it’s REGGAE!!! Secondly pathetic writing. Thirdly you know nothing about REGGAE and deejaying or better yet lemmi school you…in REGGAE it’s selecting not deejaying. So unresearched. I’m a fighter and defender of REGGAE before you write deep crap like this, research. Atleast that’s what journalism dictates. You have no business comparing deejays. Gmoney is different and brought his own game, so was Styles. So is Adrian and Pinye. What your focal point should have been is how technology has affected or improved the art of deejaying. Jaribu kuingilia REGGAE tena even from my sick bed my friend utatii. Inform yourself and gain knowledge before shallow writing like this.”

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