DRAMA! Father, Mother, Son and Daughter Caught on Camera Fighting in Thika – VIDEO

February 10, 2016

Someone must have bewitched Kenyan families this year because whatever is happening in our homes of late is not normal at all. Merely two weeks after a husband beat his wife to hospitalization and another one killed hers, a whole family is now the talk of the town after it was caught on camera up in arms fighting each other, in the glare of the public eye.
Word on the street is that, a wife in a 20-year marriage and a mother of 11 decided to end her matrimony resulting into a violent scene outside their home in Thika. The woman who is two-months pregnant accused her husband of mistreatment that included battering and worse of all, sleeping with their second-born daughter.
These accusations did not bother the man that much. However, the fight only broke out when the irked wife went against her husband’s wishes and tried leaving with the younger children. The man who was not ready to have his kids leave with their mother, pounced on her sparking an exchange of harsh words followed by a rain of blows, slaps and countless kicks. The perturbing scene attracted a huge crowd of onlookers who came to witness the interesting incidence.
Police later came and arrested the couple and drove them to Makongeni police station where they recorded statements. Below is a clip of the family drama.

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