CREATIVE! Guy Mashes Up K-rupt, Nazizi, Juacali, Pilipili, Czars and Nameless in 2 Minutes

February 23, 2016

NzomoWho would have thought K-rupt, Nazizi, Juacali, Pilipili, Czars’ and Nameless’ songs would all fit in one medley and still have the outcome being a melodious tune. Well, with every new dawn Kenyans in the music and entertainment industry are becoming creative.
A guy by the name Muema Nzomo, gifted with amazing piano playing skills, decided to try his hand in mashing up some old hits from the six celebrated musicians and it ended up being an amazing blend, in fact, an ear-candy.
Here is a video of the pianist mashing up the songs. Enjoy the music.

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