3 Wives Battle for Late Husband’s Sh10 Million Payday

February 15, 2016

Kang'ethe 2Three wives are reportedly not seeing eye to eye after their husband, a tea hawker, passed away in January 29 2015. The man was once an air traffic controller before losing his highly paying job to turn into hawking tea in Kayole. Now, the reason as to why his wives are at daggers drawn is because the company the man used to work for is supposed to pay 10 million windfall in compensation.
Known as Kang’ethe, the late husband lost his job with Directorate of Civil Aviation following an industrial strike back in 2002 and had worked in the company since early 1990’s. The sudden sack saw a helpless Kang’ethe draw back to a humble life that forced him to start selling tea and mandazi in the Nairobi slum. However, the Court of Appeal heard their case and recently concluded that the fired workers be compensated for the years they’ve spent jobless.
The youngest of the three wives, Nancy Kang’ethe who lived with his husband till death whisked him away, claims that some of the deceased’s relatives are now trying to forge their interest in the compensation money. Apart from that, two more women, including Kang’ethe’s first wife, have also come out to declare their interest in the share with claims of him having sired kids with them.
Despite the scramble for compensation, the late Kang’ethe’s was buried in his Gatundu home after a post-mortem in Kenyatta University mortuary. The burial is said to have been undertaken in haste and the reading of his eulogy ignored. Well, lets wait for the trio to battle it out in the court.

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