Prezzo’s Mum Apologizes To Betty Kyallo After Friday Night’s Fiasco (VIDEO)

January 11, 2016

prezBy now you’ve heard the story. Prezzo was hosted on KTN’s Friday Briefing by Betty Kyallo and he became very ‘touchy’.
He appeared to have taken ‘one for the road’ and often made Betty feel uncomfortable.

As soon as her husband, Dennis Okari, got wind of what had transpired, he took to Twitter to bash at Prezzo and this became the biggest story of Saturday.
Well, it appears even his own mother was embarrassed.
Writing on Twitter, Betty revealed that she had received an apology call from the entertainer’s mother on Saturday. She expressed her remorse and asked viewers to forgive her son.
Meanwhile, Jaguar suggested that Prezzo should be taken to a rehabilitation centre.

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