Long Lost Kenyan Man Found in Qatar… He’s Now a Helpless Drunk and Street Boy – VIDEO

January 28, 2016

kenyan boy
A youthful Kikuyu man known as Patrick Mbucho who has now been loitering the streets of Qatar, was identified by a group of concerned Kenyans living in the country after they heard him mumble some words in his native language. Though he entered the country a sober man, he has now turned to drugs and spends most of his time high, drunk and disorderly.
After his KCSE in 2002, he flew to Qatar in a bid to further his studies but unfortunately he has become a helpless street boy who staggers from one place to another. The compassionate Kenyans in Qatar have now urged the family of the long lost son to come out as they will assist on the logistics of bringing him back home. As we hope that all goes well for him, below is a clip of his current state.

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