I Watched Nairobi Diaries for the First Time: Cut it Some Slack, It’s Not That Bad

January 20, 2016

diariesI’ve been promising myself to watch Nairobi Diaries since it started showing. Every time I forget, partly because I rarely watch K24.
So on Monday night, I made a point of tuning my TV to K24 from as early as 7 so as not to forget again. But I was still torn between watching it or continuing with ‘The Good Wife’.
The Good Wife is this really good legal drama; Think Suits but 5 times better. I also had episodes of Madam Secretary and Billions, so you can imagine the decision was quite tough.
Here’s my honest assessment.
Molly is cute and classy. She knows how to dress. She looks likable.
Pendo is too loud. Too ghettoish. She doen’t dress well. Definitely not wife material. I wouldn’t be surprised if she beats her husband. But she’s one of the more interesting characters in the show. Indespensable you may say.
However in the company of Vera and Ella’s English and accent, she turns ‘deaf and dumb’.
Vera, or Miss Vee is quite the diva. She has really learnt the art. I was surprised her legs are also bleached. I thought it only a face thing. She also has quite the presence and is quite intimidating to everyone else. Perhaps because she’s been in more gossip columns than the rest combined.
Then there’s Ella. She did look cultured and I think she has established herself as a key figure in the show. I was impressed when she shed some tears near the end.
Then there was that girl who was seated next to Pendo. I didn’t quite get her name. She’s cute but definitely non-essential personnel. For TV, you have to be a little interesting and not the type that just listens.
I’ve never watched this kind of reality TV, but from what I get, it is not completly reality. There’s a plot and the feuds are planned, but I understand there’s no script on what exactly they’ll say.
The plot is however quite lame. Which woman invites another woman whom she’s fighting with to Arboretum to bury the hatchet. Come the fuck on Mr producer.
The camera lighting was quite pathetic especially indoors. Some faces were just shinning all over.
I think this was a great steal for K24. It’s probably the only show on the station that people talk about, and in this business, any publicity is good publicity.
Only Tujuane in its heyday was doing this well on Twitter.
To be honest, the reviews are a bit too harsh. Or maybe yesterday’s show (the only one I’ve watched) was a big improvement of the others.
I would however like to see Huddah on the show. But I’m not sure they are on the best terms with Vera.
As it stands, The essentials are Vera, Ella and Pendo. We can throw in Molly because she’s soft on the eyes. All the others are mostly extras who can be moved around.
In conclusion, I think Nairobi Diaries is the final resting place for English. A meaningless piece of garbage and I love it.

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