FULL LIST: The 10 Bloggers Summoned by the Police

January 27, 2016

bloggerBlogging is one of the riskiest jobs in the country today, no doubt. Make a mistake of annoying anyone and all strings are pulled to have you locked up. When the state is not hunting down bloggers, Governors and other politicians are. Blogging in this case includes Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp posts, technically making every Kenyan on any of these platforms ‘blogger’.
Now, at least 10 bloggers have been summoned to appear at DCI headquarters. This comes hot on the heels of Yassin Juma’s arrest and subsequent release. Most of these bloggers are in trouble for what is seen as criticizing the government. Some are because of posting unsuitable content about KDF soldiers.
Here’s the list.
1. Robert Alai
2. Cyprian Nyakundi
3. Patrick Msafari (@moderncorps  on Twitter)
4. Seth Odongo (Dikembe Disembe)
5. Charles Dienya
6. Anthony Mburu
7. Eddy Illah
8. Phelix G-Cord
9. George Nyongesa
10. Yassin Juma
Not included on this list other bloggers locked up or with pending cases. One of this is Antony Njoroge Mburu who is locked up at Shimo La Tewa for reportedly accusing Governor Kabogo of importing low quality eggs.

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