This PHOTO of ‘Jack Bauer and Kipruto’ Has Got People Talking

May 6, 2015

A lot can be deduced from this photo taken at JKIA yesterday.
As part of US Secretary of State security security at the airport, this marine commando was on the ground. Standing next to him is a Kenyan regular police.
The power and might of the American is pretty obvious, and in my view the Kenyan looks a little frail, clueless and overwhelmed by the American’s presence.
One Facebook user captioned it ‘Jack Bauer and Kipruto’.
Here are some comments lifted from Larry Madowo’s Facebook.
Jefferson Choti – The one in blue is trying to figure out how to put food on the table for his family, since the government pays him little money. The one in green is well trained and taken care of by his government, and therefore he has no worries.
Jefferson Kiyondi – The US guy new he was going to do that job since he was akid its a calling but in kenya hahaha class1- when I grow up awanna be -pilot class8- when i grow up awanna be Engineer After form4 – recruitment ya kenya police ni when?
Robin Gitonga – Sema jack bauer na kipruto!!
Bernard Babu – One noted the camera and had his finger on trigger the other one didnt notice the camera,he was waiting to stop the convoy to check for the licence and the ‘dl’…lolest!
Ezzy Mbugua – Our blue boy is feeling secure for the first time. .
Rodgers Gesaka – Dude, The Kenya Police officer looks like an usher at a wedding. Harmless!
Kinuthia Martin – The US Ranger is sooo keen.. he even noticed the camera…. the other one ata hana worries.. being in uniform just because it is a duty…….
Jacob Nyongesa – armed to the teeth meets 32 teeth boys in blue
Faith Mwangi – That kenyan police is made to look like a scout.
Rodgers Esekon – When the govt says security starts with you, lala na panga boss as it also ends with you.
Nelson Adrian Amonyo – Larry kuwa serious u cant compare ntv with cnn
Eddie Mbugua – I should take a picture of you juxtaposed with Richard Quest…then ask the same
Kisache Kisache – You cannot judge a picture without knowing the story behind it. Is that a US marshall VS a policeman ? One is probably an elite military person and the other a policeman. US policemen are just like “our brother” over there chilling kwasababu, there is no problem at the moment. The elite US forces are probably in unfamiliar territory.
Georges Kibe – one guy is at work while another is checking on work…………………….poor kenyans
Eliud Nyamai – Now we see where we fail as far as security is concerned. Providing our police officers with rungus to offer security and expect efficient results from0hem
Hilda Nduta – I now understand why the U.S brings in there security detail..Indeed this picture is worth a thousand words!
Ojiambo Ainea – Larry the Kenyan police is smarter and respects the weather
Baron Arap Sudi Justus – The gentleman in combat gear is a graduate with a gpa of atleast 3.33 well trained, well paid, well armed. The boy in blue is a form two dropout(read Waiganjo) wondering why he is not on a roundabout in the CBD atafute kitu kikubwa!
Judy G Waruinge – That’s guy in blue seems to be waiting for a mat I overlap achukue finje……. The other ready to face alshabab…sharp n focused
Waudy Samwel – Blame our leaders and our system if the blue boys were given the same we cldnt talkng of ths wat abt the Recce sqd so dnt start blaming ths guy fr nt being armed like his counter part A worker will go to work wth what his employer provides fr him to use. or shld our police nw start buyng fr themselves sch tools…..??? Aiih Larry
Judy Loretz – The U.S. Marine is well catered for, has all he’ll need for battle….. The Africa on the other hand, only God will watch over him, not equipped for battle

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