HILARIOUS! Sleepy And Chipukeezy Have a Funny Song Dubbed ‘Kiss’ – VIDEO

May 7, 2015

Sleepy David, Chipukeezy, kiss
Chipukeezy and Sleepy David are some of the funniest comedians we boast of locally. The two youthful entertainers have been out on a mission to crack Kenyans’ ribs at all cost. Be it on the TV’s, online or offline the duo has been impressive with the pieces they have been airing out.
Talking of their creativity, the two shared a video online that has them singing a made up tune they dubbed kiss which according to their song stands for Kismayu. Well, enough talk about the funny tune, below it is.
Listen and laugh.

Ati kiss @sleepykenya

A video posted by Vinie Chipukeezy (@chipukeezy) on

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