Everything You Need To Know About Safaricom Digital Decoder ‘theBIGbox’

May 8, 2015

box4Image via Techweez.com

The cat is finally out. Safaricom is launching their digital TV decoder today, and details of what to expect have already leaked.
In what is set to be a game changer, the decoder, dubbed ‘theBigBox / ‘thebox’, will have 3G/4G internet capabilities, and will act as an inhouse WiFi router (hotspot) capable of connecting 10 devices.
The Box also has HD capabilities, perfect for video streaming straight to your TV.
It comes with all free to air channels, and will be able to receive Bamba channels like Al Jazeera.
You will not pay a monthly fee for the TV, but only for the internet bundles.
Everything sounds perfect, but many of us will be disappointed by the price of ‘theBigBox’.
Rumoured to go on sale for under Sh4,000, Safaricom has surprised everyone by placing a Sh10,000 price tag on the decoder, perhaps sweetened by the 6 month free internet.
They are also giving an easy payment option, that will eventually cost you Sh11,000. ie. you pay an initial price of Sh5,000 and then Sh1,000 every month for 6 months.
However, I’m pleasantly surprised by their bundle offering.
While there’s still no unlimited internet, Safaricom has come up with quite the friendly deal. The cheapest plan is 6GB at Sh999.
Here’s a chart breaking down the cost.
Here’s how ‘The Box’ looks like.
There’s no word whether the box will accept competitor sim cards.

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