Chameleone Rubbishes Claims That He Sacrificed His Brother For Wealth

May 5, 2015

chamUgandan music legend, Chameleone has come out to deny reports that he has joined the cultic illuminati society.
Following the passing of his brother Emmanuel Mayanja aka AK47, in March, rumor mongers have been busy insinuating that the ‘Valu Valu’ hitmaker has joined ‘Illuminati’ for more wealth and fame. His case was not helped by a controversial video that surfaced online where he was depicted cutting off one of his fingers and sucking the blood.
However, in an interview with The Star, Chameleone rubbished the rumors and hit out at those linking him with occult practices as “very stupid and ignorant people.”
“I don’t know what Illuminati is. That video you saw was an act of magic. I had met a very good friend of mine called Bernard. He is a magician from Switzerland. He was taking me through some magic lessons and the video was nothing serious. It was just a mere magic trick,” he said.
“Africa is very talented but we have a very ignorant society that is keeping us behind. To be honest with you, how can you sacrifice your brother for wealth? I don’t call myself an average African. I am a successful African man. An average African lives on a wage. I am above wage. What else can I ask for in this life. So, in my own language, those are just very stupid and ignorant people.” He added.
Incase you missed it, here is that controversial video:

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