VIDEO – Moipei Sisters Sing American National Anthem at an NBA Match

April 27, 2015

moipeiIt was a career high for the high flying Moipei sisters as they got the chance to sing the US national anthem before Sunday’s playoff between San Antonio Spurs and Los Angeles Clippers, an important match in the race for the title of America’s western conference champions.
LA Clippers eventually won 114 – 105, but the real winners were the Moipei sisters. They are technically the first non-Americans to sing the American anthem before a basketball match in Texas.
Writing on their Facebook page on Saturday, this is what they said: “On Sunday, one of our biggest dreams will come true. We will be singing the American anthem for the San Antonio Spurs vs. LA Clippers 4th playoff game. Truly, “no matter where you come from, your dreams are valid.” To God be the Glory.”
The quartet consists of triplets, Mary, Magdalene and Marta and their younger sister Seraphine.
We can only wish the best for them.
Here’s a video of their performance.

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