VIDEO – American TV Host Rachel Maddow Wonders Why Police Airwing Boss Mbithi Has Not Been Sacked

April 16, 2015

maddIt’s still beyond me why Police Airwing boss Rogers Mbithi is still in office after the Garissa attack airplane fiasco.
The plane that was to transport Recce commandos to Garissa was in Mombasa picking his daughter.
I’m not sure if the president has power to sack him, but if he does, I can’t believe we’re still talking about this. After the loss of 147 people, there really should be no sacred cows.
Mbithi admitted to having his daughters picked, on what he called ‘an instruction flight’, but said that the plane had returned by the time Recce needed it.

planeKenya Police Airwing boss Col (rtd) Rogers Mbithi

plane1Mbithi’s daughter with a friend in a past flight on Kenya Police aircraft

First mistake: pilots should not carry passengers during training.
Secondly, the plane left Wilson at about 8am. the attack started at 5am, and if say the police were better coordinated in mobilising Recce Squad, there would have been no plane to take them to Garissa.
MSNBC TV host Rachel Maddow also wonders why no action has been taken. Here’s a video.

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