VIDEO – Meet South Africa’s ‘Pastor Kanyari’… Only Greedier

April 16, 2015

tePastor Kanyari may be Kenya’s most famous con-artist, but his methods are not unique.
Known for his ‘Panda Mbegu ya 310’ rallying call, Kanyari gained fame after being exposed by KTN investigative reporters. He has made a lot of money from his congregation by making them believe that his miracles are real.
We’ve now come across a video of a South African ‘Prophetess’ with very similar traits.
Pastor Thenjiwe gives out miracle ice, which she promises will ‘melt your problems away’. Unlike Kanyari who asks for a measly Sh310, his South African counterpart demands 100 Rand – about Sh800.
She also accepts 100 Euros or Pounds, but explicitly says she will not take Zimbabwean Dollars or Nigerian Naira or any African currency with ‘no value’.
Watch the video below.

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