Smirnoff Sues Kenyan Company Making ‘Fake Guarana’

April 17, 2015

Reports have it that Diageo North America – the makers of Smirnoff Ice and EABL owned UDV (Kenya) – the distributors of the brand in Kenya, have sued rival Platinum Distillers Limited for trademark infringement.
The start of all this is Smirnoff Ice with Guarana; easily the most popular alcoholic drink in the country at the moment.
Platinum Distillers have come up with their own Guarana drink, calling it Momentum Ice Guarana.
The packaging is incredibly similar to Smirnoff’s, and you can understand why the giant alcoholic beverages company is not letting it go.

gua1Smirnoff Ice Guarana (

Platinum Distillers put up an advert on the dailies acknowledging the suit, but denying any infringement. They further stated that they are the only company in East Africa with the capacity to produce carbonated ready to drink can products.

gua3Via @oreo_junkie

I happen to have tasted this Momentum Ice, but in my honest opinion, it really has no edge. Compared to Smirnoff, the packaging looks and feels cheap and the taste does not help its case.

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