“You’re a B Student.” Aden Duale Tells Jeff Koinange, “We Have Your File”

April 17, 2015

jeff-dualeOn Wednesday night, Jeff Koinange hosted Majority Leader Aden Duale and city lawyer Ahmednasir Abdullahi on his show.
Al Shabaab threat dominated the conversation, coming in the backdrop of Garissa attack, Duale promising to release list of terror sponsors and the start of Somalia border wall construction.
At some point during the show, Jeff asked whether we should create a department of homeland security to deal with terrorism.
Duale objected, saying we’ve done this so many times, but the people in charge continue being ineffective.
He then jokingly said that if the proposal went through, the intention might be to give someone about to retire a new job. Jeff jumped straight in, with several suggestions as to who that might be. Chief of Kenya Defense Forces Gen Julius Karangi was top on his list, since he’s just about to retire.
Duale however did not want to be drawn into the guessing game, telling Jeff he can fill in the blanks.
“You’re a B Student, you can guess” he said.
That statement caught the Emmy award winning journalist off guard, and he briefly tried to object, but Duale delivered the knockout punch, “We have your file, we know”
Well, since his academic records are not public documents, what is to say that the government does not also listen to our calls?

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