“Ringtone Gave Me a Lift Then Touched My Thighs” – Make Up Artist

April 20, 2015

ringtoneGospel singer Ringtone has been dragged into yet another controversy and this time he is being accused of sexual harassment.
An upcoming makeup artist, Susan Makali, took to Instagram last week to blast the ‘Pamela’ hitmaker for touching her inappropriately. According to Susan, Ringtone offered her a lift and along the way he started caressing her thighs.
“…Let me refresh your memory, remember that time you gave me a lift in the name of ‘kusaidia’ and along the way you started touching my thighs telling me how smooth they were and almost made me fly out of the window and insisting to come to my place for lunch…” read a section of the post.
“He suggested that I should put my handbag on the backseat of his car in order to get comfortable. I wasn’t wearing a very short dress, but my knees were visible.”
Explaining why it took her so long to speak up she said: “It has been bothering me for a while and when I saw his photos on Instagram claiming he is interested in inspiring students, I decided to tell him off. I’m doing this to save other women out there.”
Speaking to SDE, Ringtone lashed out saying:
“I don’t control the Internet and don’t ever call me about such issues again!”
“Tell whoever is paying you to spoil my name to go on. I don’t know why you are determined to write negative things about me,” He added.

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