PHOTO – Nameless Before The Fame Like You’ve Never Seen Him Before

April 21, 2015

Multiple award winning singer Nameless is without a doubt one of the most successful musicians to ever come out of the 254.
Real name David Mathenge, he rose to fame in 1999 through a star-search contest on Kenya’s urban music station 98.4 Capital FM, which he won with his original song “Megarider.” He went on to sign with Ogopa Deejays and has played a huge role in the shaping of the urban Kenyan music industry as we know it.
He has scooped numerous awards along the way. Other than the awards and the tours, Nameless’ biggest achievement was getting Wahu as a wife. Together, they form quite the celebrity couple.
However, Nameless had his struggles as with most of us. He shared a photo on social media showing just how bad life was before he rose to fame.
He captioned it: TB…. so this were the Megarider days!! and this was the first time guys in campus got to know I was the guy behind the mask…. lol.
Nameless now.

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