Jaguar Defends Himself After NTV US Correspondent Accuses Him of ‘Pulling A Davido’ In Atlanta

April 22, 2015

Jaguar, Atlanta 4
Since flying out last week, Jaguar has been in the U.S, making international business errands as well as taking time entertain his music fans in Atlanta and Boston. And from the look of the photos from his social media, the two places he performed in, show revelers arms-up, enjoying and grooving to the artist’s hit tunes.
However, despite all that, a Nation Media correspondent living in the US named BMJ Muriithi, has in an article written that the kigeugeu singer gave a performance not better than that of Davido’s. This serious allegation has made Jaguar to respond with a revelation of what made the Mr. Muriithi to come up with the misleading news.
According to the huu mwaka hit-maker, the correspondent tried to tarnish his name after he failed to show up for an interview that BMJ had offered him through a tweet.
Posting the NTV’s US correspondent’s tweet on his social media, Jaguar captioned, ‘Just because i didn’t meet up with him n do the interview he writes i did a 26 min show….26min is like 4 songs and i did all my big 12 song n repeated huu mwaka 2 times….mayb 56 min was for him was 26min…nimekusamehea.’
Here is the tweet requesting for an interview that the journalist send him.
Jaguar, BMJ Muriithi

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