Dencia Hits Out at Lupita for Not Saying Anything on Garissa Attack

April 10, 2015

den-luCameroonian-Nigerian singer Reprudencia Sonkey popularly known by the stage name Dencia has once again hit out at Lupita for failing to speak out against the Garissa University terrorist attack.
The singer who has been described as a cross between Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj while condemning the senseless massacre, put Kenyans in the diaspora on the spot for failing to speak up.
She posted on her Instagram account:
The 1st thing my Teacher told me on Thursday morning when she walked into my house at 11AM was “Dencia did you hear about the shooting in Kenya” she pulled it on her phone and showed me.I was so hurt I was lost of words.Why jesus,why? My heart goes out to all the victims and families of the innocent students who lost their lives in this selfish and gruesome act. What is happening to my beloved continent?where did some parents go wrong with the upbringing of their sons and daughters that has turned them into heartless murderers?Why are we killing each other?when did my peaceful motherland become a place where you can’t feel safe?Where do we go from here?how do we console all these parents?Most people have said the media isn’t saying anything compared to the Charlie hebdo massacre, when the top people in the media like the Kenyan celebrities abroad are not saying anything,(more Africans raised their voice about the Charlie hebdo massacre than French people) when we are not standing out in numbers and screaming out loud,no one is listening,no one is helping,unlike us,the French people came out in numbers and spoke,their celebrities spoke,their politicians spoke.We need to speak up!!then again the media coverage isn’t helping us is it?The chibok girls are still missing,Boko haram is still very much active and I can go on and on.We need to stop whatever this is about,we need to stop the hate,we need to stop hating one another,we need to stop killing one another. I am extremely hurt. #Kenya #prayingForKenya#OneDayWeWillKnowPeaceAgain #PrayForKenya.” 
Dencia who has a particular liking for hitting out at Lupita Nyong’o said the actress should have been among the first people to speak up.
“has she said something?i hope she has. As quick as she was to condemn Whitenicious she should be holding a press conference about it.i am too direct to throw shade,” read part of her comment.

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