VIDEO – Sonko Rescue Team Documentary…Sonko Continues to Win the Hearts of Nairobi Residents

March 4, 2015

sonko25‘The essence of true leadership is to add value to the lives of those you lead during your period in leadership’. Those were the words of Nairobi senator Mike Sonko when he launched the Sonko Rescue Team.
The philanthropic senator kicked off this year with one goal in mind; to focus more on service delivery to his constituents. True to his word, the Sonko rescue team has had an undeniable and most welcome effect on the residents of Nairobi.
With the free service delivery team, Sonko has done something that has never been before. In a country where most of our leaders look out for themselves, Sonko’s altruism is winning the hearts of ‘Nairobians’ and credit should be given where it is due. He is doing a tremendous job and this is the kind of stuff that never goes unnoticed by the humanitarian community.
Here is the Sonko Rescue team documentary that puts everything he is doing in a perspective that my words cannot.

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