Ugandans Build An Aeroplane From Scratch – PHOTOS

March 9, 2015

Uganda is not yet done coming up with new inventions. After giving us the hybrid car Kiira that was beaten hands down by our exquisite Mobius, they are now back with an amazing prototype aircraft all built from scratch by youth who have no knowledge whatsoever in aviation.
A bachelor of science in environment management graduate from Nkumba University, Dennis Mutluuta, who is the chief executive of the 25-member project, is reportedly said to have borrowed 5 million from a Ugandan bank to finance the idea. Explaining why he decided to go for the project, Mr Muluuta said, “we are undertaking this project to prove that although many youth across the country have failed to get jobs, we can still make a positive contribution to society. We also want to promote linkages between learning and research.”
The amazing creation has already been unveiled in Kampala at Nkumba University. However, claims have it that, it has overspend its budgeted amount by thirteen more million used on hiring equipment, paying for electricity bills and hiring labor. Below are photos of the amazing aircraft that seems to have an affiliation to the ruling NRM party in Uganda.
Uganda aircraft 1
Uganda aircraft 3
Uganda aircraft 2
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