Twitter ‘Bigwig’ C Nyakundi Loses 500,000 Followers

March 20, 2015

nyakundi2Twitter ‘Big wig’ @C_NyaKundiH is having the worst time of his life, perhaps even worse than when he was kicked out of college.
With a follower count of nearly a half a million, Nyakundi has been reduced to just 258 at the time of this writing.
The unprecedented drastic fall in number has made him a laughing stalk in those nasty streets, especially since it has been an open secret that he’s one of the ‘bigwigs’ who bought and have continued to buy followers.
For just a few dollars, you can have thousands of Twitter followers in no time, but there’s a catch. The followers are actually fake accounts with no real people operating them.nya
Twitter regularly cracks the whip and shuts down these bot accounts, in the process leading to massive loss of followers for many people.
Nyakundi’s case may not be unique, but it’s curious that the number dropped to such a low figure. At some point, it seemed to have stabilized at around 13,000, but that would soon drop to 3 digits.
In December last year, photo sharing site Instagram deleted millions of fake accounts, and some of the most hit were big celebrities. Justin Bieber lost 3.5 million followers, Kim Kardashian 1 million and one non-celebrity – @ChiragChirag78 who lost 3,660,468 followers leaving only 8.
Well, it has always aroused curiosity how Nyakundi, a relatively unknown Kenyan, could compete with the likes of Jeff Koinange and Uhuru Kenyatta in terms of followers.
While I honestly don’t believe his half a million followers were genuine, I’m surprised he only retained 200. Perhaps it’s a Twitter glitch, but we’ll have to wait and see.
KOT have been very unforgiving and below I’ve sampled some of the Tweets Nyakundi is dealing with.

UPDATE: The followers have returned and now stand as 476,000. With the overnight turn of events, we can only conclude Twitter systems were acting up.

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