TV Switch-off Forces Churchill into Deejaying – PHOTOS

March 3, 2015

Daniel Ndambuki is one of the most popular celebrities wearing many different hats at the same time. The man who has over time risen through the ranks to become one of the most successful comedians we boast of in Africa for his comedy show known as Churchill Show also hosts a morning Radio show alongside Maina Kageni on Classic FM.
However, what you don’t know is that apart from being a comedian and a radio host, Daniel Ndambuki is also a deejay. Aye! I bet his mixing skills are funny enough to throw the whole dance-floor into a hearty laughter.
Now that his show is not airing following the analogue switch off, Mwalimu Kingang’i has decided to hustle elsewhere. Well, here are some photos of Dj Chacha doing his thing at Naivasha Simba Lodge over the past weekend.
Dj Chacha 2
Dj Chacha 1

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