HILARIOUS Memes From #ShutDownTheChinese Twitter Trend

March 24, 2015

Last week we revealed to you a Chinese restaurant in Kilimani that does not admit blacks after 5 pm. The revelation that has since surprised many has now taken another twist after further investigations showed that the business is running and operating without permits and licenses.
It further emerged that Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko and former cabinet minister Raphael Tuju are close friends of the owner and are the only blacks allowed in.
The Nation newspaper carried the story yesterday and soon after the hashtag #ShutDownTheChinese was trending. Here are some of the memes.
ShutDownTheChinese 1
ShutDownTheChinese 2
ShutDownTheChinese 3
ShutDownTheChinese 4
ShutDownTheChinese 5
ShutDownTheChinese 6
ShutDownTheChinese 7
ShutDownTheChinese 8
ShutDownTheChinese 9
ShutDownTheChinese 10
ShutDownTheChinese 11
ShutDownTheChinese 12
ShutDownTheChinese 13
ShutDownTheChinese 14
ShutDownTheChinese 15
ShutDownTheChinese 16
ShutDownTheChinese 17
ShutDownTheChinese 18
ShutDownTheChinese 19
ShutDownTheChinese 20
ShutDownTheChinese 21
ShutDownTheChinese 22
ShutDownTheChinese 23
ShutDownTheChinese 24
ShutDownTheChinese 25

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