Grace Msalame Tribute To Kidero’s Wife For Continuing Her Father’s (Tom Mboya) Student Airlift Programme

March 11, 2015

graceLittle is known of Dr. Evans Kidero’s wife, however, thanks to Grace Msalame’s moving tribute to her, now we know her for the good deeds she has been doing in our country. As it turns out, Kidero’s wife has done some good work in the society through her Zawadi Africa Foundation which organizes for scholarship for bright needy students to further their studies in USA.
The project was lifted from her late father’s (Tom Mboya) Airlift Africa project that also had the same initiative. Anyway, here is the moving tribute the voluptuous Kiss TV’s presenter wrote about Dr. Susan Mboya.

‘Dr.Susan Mboya-Kidero!! Her name alone is Powerful!! At the helm of Coca-Cola as The President of the Coca-Cola Africa Foundation & Group Director for Women’s Economic Empowerment for Eurasia & Africa and yet still has the time to continue her Fathers Dream. The late Tom Mboya, who’s vision was to make Good Education accessible to the less fortunate back in the 1960’s & now years later the Zawadi Africa Foundation the non-profit organization has offered full scholarships to over 360 Students at over 65Colleges & Universities including; Yale, Havard, MIT, Smith, Duke… Just to name a few!!’

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