Babu Owino Gets Down With His Deputy After Launching Campaign – PHOTOS

March 30, 2015

Babu Owino, who is seeking another term in the SONU politics as the president, was in a celebratory mood after the launch of his campaign for the top seat at the University of Nairobi. The launch that was reportedly said to have set aside over Ksh. 15,000,000 to cater for the campaign, was attended by hundreds of students alongside his deputy Gabby Acheru and party members.
After the successful launch, Babu and Gabby decided to have a jig to mark the important step they as a team have made into the SONU chairmanship. Here are some photos of the two dancing together.
Babu Owino 1
Babu Owino 2
Babu Owino 3
Babu Owino 4
Babu Owino 5
Babu Owino 6
Babu Owino 7
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