Angry ‘Bundles Mwitu’ Customer Writes Letter To Safaricom

March 3, 2015

saf1Facing pressure from Airtel’s UnlimiNET offer, Safaricom revised their data rates on Friday last week.
They reduced the prices of their bundles, but the catch is that they’ll expire much faster. While previous bundles were going until 2036, the new pricing has them expire after a maximum of 1 month (depending on your package), and they do not carry over to the next month.
Also affected in the latest price review is the data bundles resellers. Safaricom tactically brought to an abrupt end the booming bundles mwitu business by capping the maximum MBs you can Sambaza in a day to only 20; in two 10mbs transactions.
As expected, the reaction has not been very positive.
Here’s a letter addressed to Safaricom by an angry ‘bundles mwitu’ customer.

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