You Will Not Believe the Things Nameless Does that Irritate Wahu

February 25, 2015

wahuKenya’s longest showbiz couple of Nameless and Wahu have endeared themselves to Kenyans all over the country from time immemorial. We have watched and enjoyed their music from when they were single till now.
As with every marriage, there are bound to be difficult times and theirs is no different. They have overcome most of it and are still going strong and have set a good example for those looking to start a family.
While at home however, there are those things that irritate Wahu about Nameless and she exposed him in a recent interview with SDE.
”It happens quite often but it’s small irritating stuff like not switching off the lights downstairs when we go to sleep, leaving shoes downstairs, leaving the knife inside the Blueband and such, but I’ve learnt to choose my battles. But it’s never that serious.”
When asked what she loves most about him she responded: ”Apart from the fact that he’s hot, he’s a very gentle soul. I love his dedication to his family the most and he doesn’t anger easily.”

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