Remember That Jeff Koinange and Larry Madowo Bet About 1st to Reach 500k Twitter Followers..? We Have a Winner

February 24, 2015

jeff-larWhen Larry Madowo hosted Jeff Koinange on The Trend several weeks ago, they made a bet on who between them would get to half a million Twitter followers first. The loser was to donate Sh20,000 to a charity of the other’s choice.
Well, the ‘provisional’ results are out and the winner is Jeff Koinange.
As of this writing, the Emmy award winning journalist was just 1000 shy of the 500k mark. Larry was meanwhile hovering around the 457k mark, a whole 42,000 difference.
Jeff should hit the target today, and unless Larry pulls a ‘Tharaka Nithi’, there’s no way he’s getting there first.
Larry sought support from the state.
While Jeff got support from unlikely quarters.
It’s surprising that Twitter has never verified Jeff despite his contribution to humanity. I’m not a social media expert or anything, but I think compared to working for CNN, interviewing heads of state and winning an Emmy; hosting socialites should be down the verification pecking order.
And this one thought the verification issue should work against Jeff.
And then a few jokes here and there.

Yesterday it was all black smoke, but I’m pretty something we’ll have some white smoke today.
Twitter has spoken, Jeff Koinange is the more popular; but who do you think is better at his job..? Take a vote.

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