PHOTOS – Thugs Shot Dead in Mombasa

February 27, 2015

Yesterday afternoon, Mombasa policemen gunned down five suspected thugs along Moi Avenue, Tudor, after learning of their plans to rob a showroom in the area.
A deadly thirty minute shoot-out ensued between the police and the armed gang with two pistols, three magazines and twenty five rounds of ammunition being found in the stolen car they were driving in.
Speaking after the incidence, Mombasa OCPD Geoffrey Mayek said that he had received information of a vehicle carrying people who were terrorizing citizens hence acting immediately by trailing the suspects before they conducted their trade. Here are some photos of the lifeless thugs after their numbered days came to a sad end.
Mombassa thugs shot down 1
Here is a short clip of the confusion and commotion the incidence brought to the area.

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