Larry Madowo Tried To Comment on Digital Migration, He was Told To Stick To Socialites.. This is What Happened Next

February 17, 2015

larWe all know Larry Madowo for his witty remarks, smart replies and seriously sarcastic trolls on TV and social media. However, despite his social media ‘heroism’, The Trend host met his match on twitter who had no chills as he hit him hard with harsh facts and bitter truths.
It all started after an irked Madowo posted against the move by CCK to shut down all analogue transmitters, claiming that the top three channels have never been on digital transmission. In reply, @Makodingo, commented on the tweet telling him to stick to socialites.
This reply provoked Larry and here is the thread of tweets the two exchanged as they got entangled in war of words.
Larry Madowo and Makodingo

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