You Want 1000 Bob..? Paul Kobia is Handing Out To Anyone Who Follows Him on Twitter

January 29, 2015

pk1A few weeks ago, majority of Kenyans could not tell you who Paul Kobia was.
Today, majority of Kenyans can still not tell you who Paul Kobia is, but atleast they’ve heard of him. He is the guy who was reportedly arrested for claiming to have had a hand in Fidel Odinga’s death.
Kobia is a good friend of Sonko and he seems to have learnt the politics game from the Nairobi Senator. As Sonko prepares to go for the Governor’s seat in 2017, Kobia has announced he’ll be in the senatorial race.
Between now and then, you can be certain you’ll read about him many times, especially if he continues to make controversial statements on Twitter.
Yesterday, he promised to give Sh1000 to anyone who followed him on Twitter.
Perhaps you should head there and find out if he was serious.

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