VIDEO – Jaguar’s Powerful Speech on Nigerian Music and Why He Doesn’t Pick Iyanya’s Calls

January 13, 2015

High flying Jaguar gave a rousing speech at the recently concluded Bingwa Music awards when he blasted the Nigerian music industry.
The One Centimetre hitmaker scooped the Bingwa award for song of the year, Kioo. During his acceptance speech Jaguar also blasted Iyanya with whom he collaborated on the remix of One Centimetre.
According to Jaguar the Nigerian artist demanded to have the video done in Nigeria by either Clarence Peters or Moe Musa. Jaguar however stuck by his producer, something that prompted Iyanya to threaten to boycott making the video. Jaguar also revealed that Nigerians do not play music that is not Nigerian and that he no longer picks up Iyanya’s phone calls.
Watch the video below, courtesy of Bongo5.

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