Hilarious – These are The Best ‘Arap Singh’ Memes

January 23, 2015

This is the kind of stuff that is landing bloggers in jail, but guys have still not learnt their lesson. It seems Boniface Mwangi has inspired a whole lot of people.
After Lands CS Charity Ngilu revealed the names of the people behind Langata land grab, they all had a surname Singh. From Ngilu’s own words, such dealings always have a name behind the name, and probably thats why many believe the listed directors are just proxies.
The main suspect in the eyes of Kenyans on Twitter is DP William Ruto. He owns Weston Hotel which is next to the playground, and there have been reports that the hotel wanted the land for its parking.
Perhaps thats the reason why many took this opportunity to ‘baptize’ him Arap Singh.
Here are some of those memes.

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