10 Things You Did Not Know About Fidel Odinga

January 5, 2015

1. He was the first born of Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga, one of Kenya’s most popular politicians.
2. Fidel, studied business management and marketing at South Eastern University in Washington, USA. He supplied bitumen products to contractors, while managing the family   business East African Spectre Limited.
3. Fidel’s first wife descended from the majority Kikuyu tribe.

4. He divorced his first wife on November 25th 2011. It is reported that it is Fidel who asked for the divorce.

5. Fidel later married an Eritrean lady by the name, Gatachew Bekele in early August 2012 at an invite only wedding.


6. His first born son with the second wife, a boy turned 1 year old last year on July 31st.



7. Fidel was a big time investor. Fidel is believed to be the owner of a 4 star hotel in Kisumu along Harambee Rd. He also invested in 300+ housing real estate project at the lake side city valued at around 1.9 billion

8. Fidel was apparently a fan of gold cutlery from spoons, fork and knives whenever he went out on dinner or lunch.

9. The late Fidel Odinga’s criminal records (2001), while studying in the USA show that he was once charged in possession of illegal drugs (Marijuana).
10 It is believed that the Late Fidel Castro Odinga was being groomed for a political seat come the year 2017, this was due to his increasing interest in ODM politics.

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