Zuku Set To Double Internet Speeds

May 8, 2014
zukuWananchi Group is set to more than double internet speeds for home users in the next few weeks, as competition intensifies.Through their flagship product Zuku, the company has been providing internet services alongside TV programming to some of Nairobi’s estates.

Currently, Zuku offers speeds of up to 20 megabytes per second (Mbps), but that will be raised to 50. Their main competitor in the home market, Faiba, offers speeds of up to 100mbps, with an option of lower packages.

Of Kenya’s 13.1 million internet subscribers, only 1.4 million have access to broadband.
Wananchi Group commands the broadband Internet market with 45.8 per cent market share (44,254 users) followed by Liquid Telecoms 15.8 per cent (15,290 users), AccessKenya has 11.8 per cent (11,360 users) and Telkom Kenya 11.7 per cent (11,279 users) according to CAK statistics.

The planned upgrade by Zuku will be piloted to 100 customers in posh estates such as Runda, Spring Valley and Karen.

Full roll out is expected in August.

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