Willy Paul Claims To Have Voluntarily Snubbed Groove Awards

May 5, 2014


The outspoken and towering Willy Paul is currently in the US pursuing his education. The lad has won the coveted Groove Awards for the past two years, but was MIA this year. He has been the best male Gospel artist and has apparently had enough of it and opted out. As Groove awards named their nominees where Willy was lined up, he voluntarily decided to snub the award saying;

i decided that this year i didnt wanna be nominated coz there are so many new talents that need to be acknowledged.. so i stepped down for my fellow new artists.. i won the groove awards new artist in the year 2012 followed by the male artist in the year 2013.. what more can i ask for?? i dnt wanna be selfish..

What would you make of the whole idea his decision notwithstanding?

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